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  • Franny Sariego

New Staff Spotlight!

Get to know our newest Physical Therapist, Franny and learn about what brought her to the RTC team

Franny is a new graduate physical therapist from Duke University, and she is very thrilled to be on the team. She joined RTC in late 2023 and has been seeing patients since the beginning of this year.

While having Duke as an alma mater can often put her in some trouble if she runs into a Tar Heels fan, she has nothing but wonderful things to say about her experience at Duke. Duke is known to be a top-10 PT school across the nation, and she is very fortunate to of been a part of a program that has expanded her horizons and interests in the world of PT while also fostering a culture of empathy, equity, and inclusion that she continues to emphasize in her practice.

Her current interests are in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Chronic Pain. However, she loves learning about new diagnoses and is equipped to treat anything that walks into the door. Her future aspirations include becoming a board-certified specialist in Othropedics, certified in dry needling, and becoming a certified Yoga Therapist. She also hopes to one day pay it forward by teaching the next generation of PT students, whether that is fulfilled as a clinical instructor, teaching classes at a DPT program, or maybe both!

Before moving down to Durham, NC for her PT schooling, Franny grew up in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY in a small town called Corning. A small fun fact, Corning's has been named "best small town" in several magazines and websites, including Hallmark! She loves returning home to stroll the Gaffer District, enjoy the weather (only in the fall and summer, not a big winter fan), and hang out with her family who are still based there.

So what brought her to the Virginia Beach area? Her husband! Franny's husband, Mitchell, currently serves in the U.S. Navy and is stationed in this area for the foreseeable future. She and her husband met at their first jobs as lifeguards back in NY and have been following each other around since 2016, albeit long distance until this past fall. You'll often find them strolling the beach, going on hikes, finding the best breakfast spots, and scuba diving in their free time. The more time outside, the better!

In addition to her husband, Franny's support system includes her family, close friends from PT school, and her 2 adorable cats. They have always cheered her on, been in her corner, and yes, reaped the benefits of her expertise when they needed some advice for various aches and pains. In the pictures below you may be wondering why there are two Frannys, but that is her twin sister Zoe!


Franny is very grateful to be a part of the team at RTC. When she decided to move to the area she wanted to work for a practice that aligned with what she was taught in PT school, which was to look into the person, rather than the diagnosis in front of her and make sure she was on-on-one with her clients. Treating the patient holistically is something that is often overlooked in our healthcare system, so being a small part of changing that mindset is something she takes pride in.

RTC's values and message to the community are completely aligned with what she wanted. She is very lucky to have caring team members who are also great examples and mentors to help foster her growth as a new physical therapist.

Franny is currently taking on new patients and would love to see you and help you with anything that may be going on. Feel free to call 757-578-2958 or visit our website today! Thank you for reading and feel free to share.

Contributed by Frances Rogers, PT, DPT

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