Physical therapy with the mindfulness of yoga

Therapeutic yoga is provided by a licensed physical therapist. Patients benefit from the physicality of therapy while also engaging in restorative and healing yoga postures.

Therapeutic Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga Class in Virginia Beach

Individual Therapeutic Yoga Session

One on one individualized care for clients looking to integrate principles of yoga into their wellness care plans. Sessions help clients integrate positive lifestyle changes more effectively into day-to-day routines. Home practices may include breath-work, asana, relaxation, and other mind-body techniques to encourage whole body wellness.

Yoga Studio in Virginia Beach

Deepen Individual Therapy With Group Classes 

Many of our clients find that participating in group yoga classes builds on and deepens their individualized therapeutic yoga work. We offer several group yoga classes throughout the week. 

Physio Yoga Classes

PhysioFIT challenge: 1/2/2021 - 2/13/2021

A 6-week online posture & core training program developed and instructed by a physical therapist to improve body awareness and keep students motivated to stay moving at home!    


Perfect for those discharged from PT, looking to get a better understanding of body awareness and modifications in practice, and/or looking for a safely paced program to help prevent unnecessary injuries! 

Therapeutic Yoga Session



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