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Physical Therapy plays a crucial role in preparing for and recovering from surgery.

Our Physical Therapists have worked alongside orthopedic surgeons for years making Restorative Therapy Co. the premier location for pre and post-operative care. 

Pre and Post Surgical Treatment

Working Through Fear of Pain

If you are experiencing chronic pain before or after a surgical procedure, we will focus on your rehabilitation and help you to get back to the daily activities that you are afraid to do avoiding getting injured. 

Book an appointment with us and try our Individualized treatment approach at Restorative Therapy Co and visit our wellness center in Virginia Beach. 

Physical Therapy post Surgery


We focus on improving mobility and strength in the specific area or joint to be operated on as well as the joints and muscles above and below the targeted area.


This helps improve surgical outcomes. Patients who participate in pre-operative therapy typically see a reduction in post-operative recovery time which also means cost savings.


There are some instances when therapy leads to dramatic improvements in both pain and function making surgery unnecessary.

Physical Therapy after surgery


We are here for your rehabilitation needs during your recovery. Our goal is to get you moving and back to everyday activities as soon as possible.


Immediately following surgery, we aim to protect your joint(s) and use manual therapy techniques and modalities to decrease pain and sensitivity.


As time progresses, we'll move into active range of motion, strengthening, and functional exercises to simulate daily tasks and more to make sure you are ready to take on life.

pre and post operative
Post Surgical Therapy 
After Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

I went to Andrew Lantz at Restorative Therapy 4 days after my reverse shoulder replacement because I was familiar with incredible job he had done with someone else who had the same surgery. Andrew is a real pro! He knew the exercises and therapies I needed at each point of my rehab. He made sure I did them correctly, and he answered all my questions very patiently. Andrew is just a great guy to work with! I looked forward to every appointment. And best of all, he got me back swinging a golf club in less than 3 months. Totally recommend him!

- Jim Lavin 




Let us help you feel your best. 

Or call to schedule an appointment: 757-578-2958

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