Physical therapy, yoga, movement, positive lifestyle practices to improve physical health and quality of life

Angela Phillips Yoga Instructor
Angela Phillips has joined The Studio @ RTC and we are honored to have her.

Join Angela on the mat:

Thursday 9:30 am Bliss
Saturday 8:30 am Therapeutic Foundations
Sunday 8:30 am Yin Yoga


Personalized, holistic, effective physical wellness

Our mission at Restorative Therapy Co. is to help provide individuals with tools to improve their physical wellness and overall quality of life through movement, accountability, and positive lifestyle practices.

Our health & wellness center in Virginia Beach is a place where anyone can take an active role in learning how to better care for their body in a safe & therapeutic space. 

Andrew listens to your problem, evaluates the best form of therapy and explains the procedure to you. He does a one on one therapy. Please do your body and soul a favor and visit restorative therapy!

Becca was amazing and patient. Her experience and bedside manner are top notch. She truly cares about your health and well being.

Joanne Deangelis

Amy Frostick

The office is small and intimate, professional yet personal. Can’t say enough good things about Restorative Therapy!

Where is the button for 10 stars? They are the best!

Virginia Doty

Paul Allen

Physical Therapy performs by Becca Ellis



Let us help you feel your best. 

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Manual Therapy to reduce pain