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New with our Wellness Partners

SUP Yoga and New Products in The Mercado


SUP Yoga Wednesday June 30th at 6 pm

Join us at our first SUP Yoga event, Root on Water, featuring Katie Kramer!

Where: Owl Creek Public Boat Launch Virginia Beach, VA


New in The Mercado

We now have Purely Elderberry Syrup available. Benefits of Elderberry include: 1. Great source of fiber 2. Immune booster (loaded with Vitamin C & A) 3. Helps with constipation 4. May help to reduce colds and fight flu symptoms 5. Helps with inflammation. We are also adding a new tea by local maker, Purely Elderberry & Wellness. It is called FemiTea which is great for relieving symptoms related to menstruation. Each bag is $18.

Check out The Mercado's website

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