Multi-level pilates classes utilizing the mat and apparatus. Certification and apprentice sessions also offered.



All sessions are 50 minutes. Please contact Brenna (757-650-5913) to schedule a session.




Sessions are tailored to your individual goals and needs. 

If you're a beginner, have an injury or limitation, or you're just looking for a personalized session, this offering is for you. 




In these sessions with 2-6 students per instructor, we focus on overall strength and endurance utilizing the mat and apparatus. 

If you have some experience and want to work on specific needs while keeping the cost down, this offering is for you. 

We do our best to match you based on your desired time and skill level.




This class is for 3-6 clients and utilizes the tower units, springs, magic circles, and other small apparatus. 

If you have some experience and want to work on specific needs while keeping the cost down, this offering is for you.




These are multi-level classes accommodating up to 8 clients utilizing just the mat. 

If you want to supplement apparatus sessions while keeping the cost down, this offering is for you.



These reduced rate sessions are offered by one of the apprentices currently going through the certification program under Brenna’s guidance. 

These can include all session options.

Please contact Brenna (757-650-5913)directly if you’d like to hear more about their availability!


True Pilates Virginia Beach is pleased to be a training center for Romana’s Pilates.



The foundation of your Pilates journey is your instructor. Obtaining a Romana’s Pilates certification is a discipline that takes years of practice and study before you can teach; no other Pilates training is as rigorous or comprehensive.


The Romana’s Pilates certification program requires instructors to have a minimum of 700 practice and observation hours to complete the program. This insures that our instructors have a superior understanding of the Pilates Method and its practical applications. At this point, instructors continue to build upon their knowledge by continuing with regular sessions, workshops, and multiple Continuing Education seminars every year. We continue to work within the exercises and guidelines of what Romana Kryzanowska (protege of Joseph Pilates) instilled within us to change our client’s lives and bodies. Because of the deep working knowledge in our own bodies we are able to give you the best Pilates workout in Hampton Roads. We strive to give you the highest level of a Pilates workout, paying attention to details and customizing it to your specific goals and individual body.



The program is well rounded because it provides the deep knowledge of the exercises and safety that Romana instilled in all of us. This is a long journey, but it is a worthwhile experience. The program usually takes a year depending on our availability to accomplish your hours, seminars, and tests in three different levels of the system (basic, intermediate, and advanced). The Romana’s Pilates website gives an excellent example of how our training program works. Currently, True Pilates Virginia Beach is a Level 3 studio which facilitates your evaluation, Basic Seminar/Test, hours of observation, personal practice, and teaching, and all written tests. Higher level teachers may be brought in for the Intermediate Test.



Prior to starting the program you will need to be at a strong intermediate level in your Pilates training on all pieces of equipment.

Progression of the Romana’s Pilates Certification Program:


  • Assessment

  • Basic Seminar

  • Basic Test

  • Intermediate Seminar

  • Intermediate Test- 2 portions: 1 written test scenario and 1 practical

  • Advanced Seminar

  • Advanced Test- 2 portions: 3 written test scenarios and 1 practical



  • Initial Assessment $150

  • Basic Seminar $1100

  • Intermediate Seminar $1300

  • Advanced Seminar $1500

  • Continuing Professional Education $400

  • Fees do not include testing or required lessons