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Community Partners

RTC believes in working with other providers in order to offer the best possible support for our patients, so that you get the most optimal outcome and can return to living your best lives!


Below are some of RTC's preferred providers and services:

Joint Pain

Orthopedic Physicians

Physicians we love to refer to and work together with for the best patient outcomes!

Dr. Dowd
Dr. Lambert

Dr. Bonner
Dr. Campbell
Dr. Donato
Dr. Dowd
Dr. Griffin
Dr. Lambert
Dr. O'Connell

Dr. Campbell
Dr. Duerden
Dr. Moore
Dr. Stewart

Dr. Bonner
Dr. Campbell
Dr. Donato
Dr. Griffin
Dr. O'Connell

Dr. Chen
Dr. Manke

Dr. Clifford
Dr. Vincent

Sports Medicine:

Dr. Byrd
Dr. Donato
Dr. Ellingson
Dr. Patton

Women's Health Physical Therapy

Fellow physical therapists who are leading the field in women's health!

Natalie @ Her Health PT
Liz Martin @ The Mama PT
Michelle Nielson @ VBPTW

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Doctor's Appointment

Primary, Pain Management & Chiropractic Care

These providers are non-surgical and may address pain management through manual manipulation, interventional medicine, and may offer a more holistic direction of care.

Primary Care:

Dr. Derber
Dr. Galbreath


Dr. Degiorgio
Dr. Stewart
Dr. Swift

Pain Management Specialists:
Dr. Barr
Dr. Gershon
Dr. Horn
Dr. Pinsky
Dr. Tseng
Dr. Sanderling

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine:
Dr. Bagares
Dr. Hudson

Fitness & Wellness

These are RTC's community partners who offer services for continued self care. From fitness programs to nutrition and body work, we believe in our patients keeping up with their care outside of our time together in PT!

Empowerment Wellness
Take Over Gym

True Pilates

Body Work & Spa:
The Rooted Method

Hang 10 Drips

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