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Wellness Beyond Physical Therapy

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

So you have completed your physical therapy and you're wondering what comes next? Restorative Therapy and The Studio @RTC have developed a wellness program to maintain your progress and keep you feeling your best! We offer group classes as well as private and duet yoga, pilates, and "physioFIT" fitness classes to keep you feeling well and help you maintain your gains for life!

  • Therapeutic Yoga and Therapeutic Pilates sessions with one of our Physical Therapists: Becca and Tara are certified in Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Ashley is certified in Therapeutic Pilates. We can provide safe, evidence based yoga and pilates in private or duet (2 person private) sessions.

  • Private Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Guided Meditation private sessions: Mollie is 500 hour+ trained and has many years of experience teaching yoga with special interest in breathwork, guided meditation, restorative yoga, and pre- and post-natal yoga. She offers 30 and 60 minute sessions with yoga or meditation that is custom for your needs.

  • PhysioFit: - a small group fitness class led by a PT for improved strength, mobility, and balance! These classes are limited to 4 students and are a fun way to get a total body workout. Level 1 is taught by Tara and is performed mostly in standing or sitting (getting down to the floor not required). Level 2 is taught by Becca and does require that you be comfortable getting on/off the floor and more advance positions. Both classes utilize our new yoga wall!

  • Assisted stretching: Mollie leads this small group class on Fridays and students can expect to get a whole body stretch session with use of props, straps, the yoga wall, and teacher assist.

  • Group yoga classes: The Studio @RTC offers a regular schedule of Gentle Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga Foundations, Yin Yoga, and Chair yoga classes. Students can book online using the MindBody platform. We offer single classes, class passes, and a studio membership option for the best deal on all of our classes.

  • Resilience Program: A 12 week comprehensive program that integrates yoga, breath work, and other mindful practices to create a lifelong wellness practice that will enhance a person’s ability to adapt to hard circumstances, handle stress, and enhance their well-being. Individuals will be provided education and taught practical techniques to empower them to positively cope with stress in their real life. There are both in-person and self-study opportunities to make this program accessible for busy individuals!

  • Special Topics workshops: Seasonal Ayurvedic Prep, The Science of Stress and the Vagus Nerve, Mindfulness: Daily Tips and Practice, and more! Check out our upcoming events here.

At Restorative Therapy Co and The Studio @RTC we want to help you Feel Well and Be Well! Check out the schedule and sign up for classes at or on the MindBody app. To schedule private or duet sessions, call 757-578-2958.

Contributed By Dr. Tara Pandiscia, PT, DPT, PYT

Geriatric Clinical Specialist at Restorative Therapy C

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