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Physical Therapy for Neuromuscular Disorders

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Contributed by Dr. Tara Pandiscia PT, DPT, PYT


A diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, MS, dystonia, or other neurological movement disorders can be very scary. Often, our patients wonder if anything can be done to prevent the progressive decline associated with these diseases. The evidence is clear - exercise is a highly effective treatment for maintaining and improving quality of life. Whether it is aerobic, resistance training, balance and coordination (such as dance, boxing, or tai chi), or mind-body (such as yoga) - Movement is Medicine! However, in order to reap the maximum benefits of exercise it must be dosed appropriately, like a medicine, with adequate intensity and frequency in order to challenge the system and effect changes in the body.


At Restorative Therapy Co., Dr. Tara Pandiscia works with clients with neuromuscular diseases and movement disorders for one-on-one physical therapy treatments that are customized using an evidence based approach including LSVT Big, Otago falls prevention, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Activator/Nordic Poles, and other best practice clinical interventions to maximize functional mobility and independence. LSVT Big and amplitude training techniques for Parkinson's Disease are well studied to address issues of bradykinesia and calibrate movements to restore more normal movement patterns that carry over into a person's everyday life. Balance training and falls prevention programs, such as the Otago program or gait training with nordic poles, help anyone with a neurological disorder or vestibular impairment to improve their balance and decrease the risk of fall related injuries. Each individual will be treated with a program that is best suited to meet their unique goals.

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