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New Blog and Event Updates

Check out the new blog and learn about events in June below!


Cancer and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and exercise are key factors to optimize function and quality of life for individuals living with cancer and beyond. Research clearly supports referral to rehab services such as PT as part of a comprehensive oncology care plan for many different types of cancer, however, oftentimes it is overlooked as part of the treatment plan and referrals to rehab are underutilized.

Read full blog here!


Event Updates!

June Sip and Stretch SOLD OUT!

Raffle tickets are still available in the office for $10 per ticket or Venmo Becca for raffle tickets @Rebecca-Ellis-14.The June event's proceeds will go toward Social Butterflies Club, a center that works privately and in small groups with children on the autism spectrum who have difficulty in social settings. Our goal is to sponsor a child for camp for 3 weeks and we are over half way there!

Our next Sip & Stretch fundraiser event will be held on August 13th 6-8pm at our location in Virginia Beach, VA.

Sign up here!

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