Physical therapy with the mindfulness of yoga

Therapeutic yoga is provided by a licensed physical therapist. Patients benefit from the physicality of therapy while also engaging in restorative and healing yoga postures.


Individual Therapeutic Yoga Session

One on one individualized care for clients looking to integrate principles of yoga into their wellness care plans. Sessions help clients integrate positive lifestyle changes more effectively into day-to-day routines. Home practices may include breath-work, asana, relaxation, and other mind-body techniques to encourage whole body wellness.

Deepen Individual Therapy With Group Classes 

Many of our clients find that participating in group yoga classes builds on and deepens their individualized therapeutic yoga work. We offer several group yoga classes throughout the week. Two group yoga classes we often recommend to our therapeutic yoga clients are Morning Stretch and Stretch & Stability

Morning Stretch Class

This early morning class will offer a good mixture of gentle flowing movement to help wake up the joints of your body and moments of deeper stretching to help lengthen tissue energy and postural sense in your body.  This short class will give you a sense of stretch and stability to start your day. It is appropriate for most levels of fitness experience. 

Stretch & Stability Class

In this movement class we will include joint range of motion exercises, core stability training, balance practice, and stretching sequences to leave the body feeling strong, balanced, and elongated.  Designed and instructed by a physical therapist.  These classes are currently held live on-line!




Let us help you feel your best. 

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