PhysioFIT Series 

6-Week Yoga & Fitness Series

We are thrilled to offer PhysioFIT series, multi-week therapeutic yoga and wellness challenges designed and delivered by a licensed physical therapist and studio co-owner, Becca Ellis (PT, DPT, PYT-c, ERYT-200). 

PhysioFIT is intended to maintain and deepen your physical wellness progress - either after physical therapy or to therapeutically reduce pain on your own with the guidance of a physical therapist and the motivation and accountability of a multi-week challenge! 

PhysioFIT is a 6-week series and will be offered throughout the year: 

  • Upcoming PhysioFIT Challenge coming soon! 

  • See details below! 

All Physio Challenges are INCLUDED in RTC's annual yoga membership at $90 / month! 

Physio Yoga
Physio Yoga

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Physio Yoga

PhysioFIT challenge: Coming Soon! 

A 6-week online posture & core training program developed and instructed by a physical therapist to improve body awareness and keep students motivated to stay moving at home!   


Appropriate for individuals who can get on/off the floor independently and can get into hands and knees, kneeling, and standing positions without risk of falls. 


Perfect for those discharged from PT, looking to get a better understanding of body awareness and modifications in practice, and/or looking for a safely paced program to help prevent unnecessary injuries! 


Great for patients who are being seen for muscle imbalances, lumbo-pelvic instability, or kinetic chain dysfunctions and are ready to be discharged. Also good for friends out there who could use this as an affordable way to manage lower back pain! 

How does it work? 

  • Students will be provided with pre-recorded videos for home practices stored on RTC's vimeo platform.

  • Group will meet live once a week on Saturdays at 9:15a throughout the duration of the challenge.​

  • Equipment needed will include: light resistance bands, light hand weights, yoga blocks, foam roller, and a stretching strap. 

  • Must have access to a computer for classes and online resources.

How much does it cost and how to sign up? 

  • Free / included in RTC's monthly yoga membership:

    • $90/month with 12-month contract 

  • Non-member cost for 6-week PhysioFIT challenge:

    • $120 

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Full Series (Online)

Full Series 


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